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Hazard Identification Risk Assessment (HIRA) Management Certificate

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This Certificate Consists of the following Sub Skill Modules:

  • Sub Skill Module 18 Apply health and safety to a work area
  • Sub Skill Module 46 Conduct a continuous risk assessment in a workplace
  • Sub Skill Module 49 Conduct, report and follow up on a pre-use safety and/or audit inspection
  • Sub Skill Module 53 Demonstrate knowledge pertaining to the preparation, conducting, recording and follow-up actions of a planned task observation in a working place
  • Sub Skill Module 76 Participate in the implementation and evaluation of a safety and health management programme in the workplace
  • Sub Skill Module 82 Conduct workplace occupational health and safety (OHS) inspections
  • Sub Skill Module 85 Control workplace hazards and risks
  • Sub Skill Module 119 Identify and deal with dangerous goods
  • Sub Skill Module 499 Monitor and make recommendations on the application of health and safety principles regarding hazardous substances in the working place