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Blasting Assistant in Surface Mines and Quarries - SP/CLA-G017

*Each Module can be purchased individually.


People with this skills programme will be able to comply with part of the Explosives Usage at Mines and Works Regulations under the Mine Health and Safety Act in terms of the competencies specified for blasting assistants but excluding the duties covered by the Skills Programme for the Management of Explosives Magazines on Mines and Quarries.

This Skills Programme Consists of the following Sub Skill Modules:

  • Sub Skill Module 79 Verify compliance to safety, health and environmental requirements in the work place.
  • Sub Skill Module 275 Receive, handle, store and issue explosives and accessories at a workplace.
  • Sub Skill Module 344 Demonstrate a basic understanding of explosives and accessories.
  • Sub Skill Module 346 Identify and demarcate misfires in a surface excavation.
  • Sub Skill Module 347 Make up primer and charge holes.
  • Sub Skill Module 349 Time and connect blast initiating systems.
  • Sub Skill Module 430 Perform basic fire fighting