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National Certificate: Rock Breaking: Surface Excavations

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There is a critical need in the industry to equip people with the required competencies to conduct safe and efficient rock breaking activities in surface excavation to sustain the future of the surface mining industry.

Rock breaking operations are often conducted under dangerous and difficult conditions, which have to be managed appropriately in order to preserve lives and protection of equipment working in close proximity, and ensure operational efficiency.

The National Certificate in Rock breaking for Surface Excavations (NQF Level 3) is a statutory requirement in terms of the Mine Health and Safety Act and Regulations for persons conducting rock breaking operations to be deemed competent.

Learners acquiring this qualification will have an improved understanding of their role and will acquire the applied competencies to consistently and effectively execute their duties by contributing to the surface mining process and adhering to quality, occupational safety and legislative requirements.

The qualification is designed to be flexible and accessible so that people are able to demonstrate the competencies required to work in a safe, healthy and effective manner in a surface mining environment.

Learners credited with this qualification are able to:

  • Communicate and solve problems in a variety of ways.
  • Adhere to occupational safety, health, environmental and legislative requirements.
  • Conduct primary and secondary rock breaking operations in a safe and proper manner in accordance with legislation requirements.
  • Take control of rock breaking operations.

This Full Qualification Consists of the following Sub Skill Modules:

  • Sub Skill Module 61 Demonstrate knowledge of the geological nature of surface extraction sites
  • Sub Skill Module 66 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to work in a surface mine
  • Sub Skill Module 68 Examine and make safe non-blasted surface excavations
  • Sub Skill Module 69 Demonstrate an understanding of support methods in surface mine sand quarries
  • Sub Skill Module 70 Read and interpret surface excavation plans
  • Sub Skill Module 71 Examine and make safe blasted surface excavations
  • Sub Skill Module 79 Verify compliance to safety, health and environmental requirements in the work place
  • Sub Skill Module 82 Conduct workplace occupational health and safety (OHS) inspections
  • Sub Skill Module 275 Receive, handle, store and issue explosives and accessories at a workplace
  • Sub Skill Module 344 Demonstrate a basic understanding of explosives and accessories
  • Sub Skill Module 345 Demonstrate basic knowledge and understanding of emergency preparedness and response
  • Sub Skill Module 346 Identify and demarcate misfires in a surface excavation
  • Sub Skill Module 347 Make up primer and charge holes
  • Sub Skill Module 349 Time and connect blast initiating systems
  • Sub Skill Module 350 Carry out basic first aid treatment in the workplace
  • Sub Skill Module 351 Carry out secondary breaking using explosives in surface excavations
  • Sub Skill Module 352 Co-ordinate drilling and blasting operations
  • Sub Skill Module 353 Prepare and mark off work area for drilling
  • Sub Skill Module 357 Blast materials in surface excavations
  • Sub Skill Module 371 Drill small diameter blast holes using a percussion drilling rig and compressor.
  • Sub Skill Module 387 Transport and distribute explosives using a heavy-duty explosives vehicle
  • Sub Skill Module 867 Opencast Mine Blasting Certificate: Final Assessment (Assessment only)

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