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Fire watch/standby person - Basic Level 1 (Part Time)

This Skill Set Module Consists of the following Sub Skill Modules:

  • Sub Skill Module 58 Monitor, Report and make recommentations on the requirements applicable to permit to work systems in a working enviroment
  • Sub Skill Module 20 Demonstrate knowledge and use of hand operated fire fighting equipment.
  • Sub Kill Module 45 Respond to, implement and manage emergencies according to an emergency action plan in a workplace
  • Sub Skill Module 46 Conduct a continuous risk assessment in a workplace.
  • Sub Skill Module 900 Construction: Conduct continuous hazard identification and risk assessment within a workplace.
  • Sub Skill Module 901 Construction: Describe the functions of the workplace health and safety representatives 
  • Sub Skill Module 902 Construction: Explain basic health and safety principles in and around the workplace
  • Sub Skill Module 127 Demonstrate an understanding of Occupational Health and Safety Legislation in the workplace