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Competent Person A : Underground Coal

This Skills Programme Consists of the following Sub Skill Modules:

  • Sub Skill Module 6 Sound and bar down roof and side walls using sounding and barring equipment in an underground coal mine
  • Sub Skill Module 31 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to work in an underground coal mine.
  • Sub Skill Module 63 Test for flammable gas in a mining environment by means of a hand held electronic instrument and take appropriate action
  • Sub Skill Module 208 Ventilate a production section to control gases and dust in an underground coal mine
  • Sub Skill Module 248 Demonstrate an understanding of the causes of fall of ground
  • Sub Skill Module 952 Demonstrate knowledge to test and monitor for basic gases in an underground coal mine (Co, Co2, O2 and CH4)
  • Sub Skill Module 957 Install and remove hydraulic props
  • Sub Skill Module 958 Install and remove mechanical props